Indian Economy Quiz 2 – General Knowledge


1. NABARD is the name of a

A. Commercial bank
B. Financial Institution
C. Specialised bank to help agriculture
D. Non-Banking Financial Institution

Answer : Option C


2. Banks in India were nationalized for the first time in the year

A. 1950
B. 1960
C. 1969
D. 1979

Answer : Option C


3. Fiscal policy is concerned with

A. Public revenue
B. Public expenditure and debt
C. Bank rate policy
D. Both

Answer : Option D


4. Which of the following is the largest employer in India?

A. Food Corporation of India
B. Posts and Telegraphs Department
C. Indian Railways
D. Steel Authority of India

Answer : Option C


5. The main objective of Antyodaya Programme is

A. Upliftment of urban poor
B. Upliftment of industrial workers
C. Unpliftment of rural poor
D. Upliftment of farmers

Answer : Option C


6. The preparation of National Income Estimates is the responsibility of the

A. Planning Commission
B. National Development Council
C. National Sample Survey Organisation
D. Central Statistical Organisation

Answer : Option D


7. Commercial banking system in India is

A. Mixed banking
B. Unit banking
C. Branch banking
D. None of these

Answer : Option C


8. The gift edged market in the capital market of India refers to

A. Long-term private securities
B. Market dealing in existing securities.
C. Market for corporate securities
D. Market for Government securities

Answer : Option B


9. Which of the following yields the largest revenue to the Government of India?

A. Sales tax
B. Excise duty
C. Income tax
D. Entertainment tax

Answer : Option B


10. The credit control operation in India is performed by

A. Rural banks
B. Commercial banks
C. Reserve Bank of India
D. State Bank of India

Answer : Option C


11. What is the “Gram Samridhi Yojana” in replacement of

A. Indra Awas Yojana
B. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
C. Prime Ministers Employment Scheme.
D. I.R.D.P

Answer : Option B


12. The largest share of India’s national income originates in the

A. Primary sector
B. Secondary sector
C. Tertiary sector
D. Any of the above

Answer : Option C


13. Among the tax revenues of the Union Government what is the largest source?

A. Income Tax
B. Corporation Tax
C. Central Excise
D. Customs Duty

Answer : Option B


14. In which sector of the Indian economy is productivity the highest

A. Manufacturing
B. Transport Communication and Commerce
C. Agriculture
D. Other sectors

Answer : Option A


15. To achieve economic self-reliance was the main objective of which Five Year Plan?

A. First Five Year Plan
B. Second Five Year Plan
C. Third Five Year Plan
D. Fourth Five Year Plan

Answer : Option D